Fibre foundation - weekend (remix)

Bast fibres are processed for use in carpet , yarn , rope , geotextile (netting or matting), traditional carpets, hessian or burlap , paper , sacks, etc. Bast fibres are also used in the non-woven , moulding, and composite technology industries for the manufacturing of non-woven mats and carpets, composite boards as furniture materials, automobile door panels and headliners, etc. From prehistoric times through at least the early twentieth century, bast shoes were woven from bast strips in the forest areas of Eastern Europe.

Advanced Polypropylene Fibre Concrete is a pioneering combination of fine and coarse monofilament polypropylene fibres which takes concrete to a new level of performance. The introduction of these fibres result in increased toughness and ductility of hardened concrete.

Fibre Foundation - Weekend (Remix)Fibre Foundation - Weekend (Remix)Fibre Foundation - Weekend (Remix)Fibre Foundation - Weekend (Remix)