Cornell - raindrops

“I love the idea of Cassini destroying most of our models and theories,” says Athena Coustenis, an international co-investigator for Cassini’s Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS). “None of us had imagined what we would see on the surface.”

I listened to a conversation between two girls, and one was explaining that if you want to make a straight line…you go over a certain number to the right for each row you go up, that is, if you go over each time the same amount when you go up a row, you make a straight line. A deep principle of analytic geometry!

If you are wondering why you should switch off your favorite heavy metal or rock singer and listen to calming music, here are some effects that you should be aware of:

Cornell - RaindropsCornell - RaindropsCornell - RaindropsCornell - Raindrops