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I figured this must be a mistake.  Why would my house suddenly be in a flood plain after all these years?  I then went to the FEMA website to look up our address on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) .  Lo and behold, our house in indeed in a flood zone.

Model year 2014 also saw a complete exterior redesign that turned the dial to a more adventurous spectrum, with the SUV receiving the new corporate grille and a much more dramatic front fascia. The Rogue also gained more aggressive wheelarches, in addition to plenty of character lines along the sides, with Nissan also trying to make the rear fascia a little more interesting. The company has also reworked the aerodynamics of the SUV, redesigning the A-pillar section to reduce the coefficient of drag by about 10 percent, with redesigned mirrors helping the Rogue become a little sleeker. The rear spoiler has also been redesigned to reduce turbulence behind the body of the SUV. The wheelbase has grown by inch, while the front overhang was actually reduced by inches, with the SUV also gaining inches in height. Overall, Nissan hasn't radically altered the formula when it comes to packaging.

Various - Rave Zone - Trance DanceVarious - Rave Zone - Trance DanceVarious - Rave Zone - Trance DanceVarious - Rave Zone - Trance Dance