Blazing eye - live

M usic is just about as important as food in Hawaii. You will never go to any gathering where music is not heard. It is part of island life. And this is an aspect of Hawaii you do not want to miss out on. Don't let the fact that some of it is in a language you don't understand scare you away or make you feel like an outsider. It's beauty and joy and humor will transcend this if you let it.
   For many people Hawaiian music is Don Ho, ukulele and steel guitar. They have only heard the hotel music of Hawaii. But there is much more. The traditional ki ho'alu (slack key) and falsetto style is still alive, actually enjoying a renaissance, but then so is all music of the islands. There is Hawaiian reggae, called Jawaiian, as well as pop and rock performers. Some of these artists, like Keali'i Reichel and Hapa, and recently Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, have made some inroads on the mainland. Below I've listed some of my favorites to get you started on your way to appreciating the new and traditional sounds of Hawaii.

The main characters are Leon, Mini, Mark and Michael. Leon is the protagonist and Michael is the rival. Some of the yo-yo tricks are common, like the Forward Pass, Loop-the-Loop, Three-Leaf-Clover, Trapeze, Double or Nothing, Gravity Pull, etc. The show also has some tricks of its own created by the producers (most of the tricks are for professionals) like the White Buddha, Buddha's Revenge and the Cold Fusion (hardest trick of Season One).

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