Nesha - what's it gonna be?

I love your advice!!!
I have 2 big feng shui problems.
When I enter my apartment I see straight out from my balcony door.
Front door (SouthWest) Balcony(NorthEast) Apartment is small and nothing can be placed on it’s way without it being right in the middle of the studio.
My toilet is right in southeast .
I wonder what items of decoration I can use to somehow retain good energy (and money) in the house.
Thank you and Kind regards

I know that the first inclination many persons have when they are attempting to do anything with hair is to find out what products to get to achieve certain results. Start thinking natural and organic. Since you are transitioning, this is the best advice for your natural hair anyway, so you would be starting a great practice for when your hair is unprocessed. My great grandmother’s grandmother arrived in Jamaica as a slave from Africa. She had no access to fancy hair products yet, she had long, kinky hair almost to her waist. She maintained her locks by using what she could from the land. She used her coconuts and castor oil and mint and sorrel tea and garlic and pepper. Not a hairdresser or fancy hair product was in sight. The truth is, the closer to nature we go for our ingredients, the better off our hair will be. Try making your own hair recipes or using your organic food products to get best results for your hair. As my grandmother loves to say, ‘nature has a remedy for all ills’. This is also true for our hair.

She kept touching her hair like she ain’t never had a new weave before and doing some weird thing with her eyes. That bitch was gone off more than the Henny.

Lord, I want to thank you for all you have done for me and all that you will continue

336x280: to help me do in my life. I want to ask that you give me the strength that I need to make it out of this difficult moment in my life. All I ask is that through your power and blessing that I am able to fulfill my potential as a person. Amen!

Right, I went through her IG she looks a lot better without the dreads. Dreads aren’t for her since she doesn’t maintain them properly, such a turn off.

While there are flights outside of this period, they are prone to cancellations due to weather. Facing the Pacific, Batanes is notorious for having more than its share of typhoon hits.

I totally agree. I spent a year testing ferments side-by-side adding a little whey to the brine and not. In a few cases, the whey made no difference and in the bulk of the cases, the ferment wasn’t as pleasing. Also, Weston A. Price are funded by big dairy so one must be a little careful about what they assert.

Nesha - What's It Gonna Be?Nesha - What's It Gonna Be?Nesha - What's It Gonna Be?Nesha - What's It Gonna Be?