Mutated forms - coppers / metal ringer

Naturally, methodologies shifted as new technology became available. Among Maze War’s more intriguing descendants is Paul Allen Edelstein’s WayOut, released for the Atari 8-bit in 1982. It made use of a rendering technique known as ray casting, whereby a 3D environment is generated from a 2D layout by sending out beams from the player avatar’s eyeball and drawing a pixel where they intersect with an object’s coordinates. Where light in reality bounces off many surfaces before entering the eye, ray casting simulates a ray’s collision with an object only once. While incapable of nuanced effects such as refraction, it was also much less resource intensive than other 3D projection techniques, which allowed for faster performance on the hardware of the day. If WayOut was a potent demonstration of ray casting’s utility, it is also worth remembering for its eccentric, non-combat premise. You play a clown trapped in a maze with a spinning, sinister ‘Cleptangle’ that will steal your map and compass on contact. A wind blows through the level, its direction indicated by floating fireflies. This interferes with movement, but also helps you get your bearings should you lose your map.

It should come as no surprise then that the likes heavyweight DJ's such as, Marky, Goldie, Grooverider, Bailey, London Elektricity, Hype and SS, are currently supporting their tracks on the circuit, alongside spins from many of the most forward thinking producers in the game.

Forthcoming releases:

Mutated Forms – Last Time feat. Jenna G / With You

Mutated Forms & Netsky feat. Sofia Rubin – Windows / Chasing Dreams
Mutated Forms - Doubts - Grid

Twisted Individual – Galloping Elephants Mutated Forms Remix – Grid
Mutated FormMutated Forms – Time To Shine / Glory Days Netsky Remix – Allsorts Liquids – Ready When You Are / The Centuries / High Claps Low Sines / Lucid Dreams - Grid

Mutated Forms – Broken Man – Re:Liis

Mutated Forms – Storm In A Teacup / Conformist – Allsorts Liquid
Mutated Forms - Star Dust - Second City

Mutated Forms - Glory Days EP: Glory Days / Behind The Scene KG Remix / Homesick / Pessimist - Allsorts

Mutated Forms - Coppers / Metal Ringer - Zombie
Vital Elements - Gangsta Sound Mutated Forms Remix - Grid
Mutated Forms - Blue Magic / Blue Magic DJ SS Remix - New Indentity
Mutated Forms - Maffia feat. Coppa - Mainframe
Mutated Forms - Jah Colors Zen Remix - Low Down Deep
Mutated Forms - Bad Tech / Headbangers - Digitally Mutated
. & Mutated Forms - Hitback - Music Hertz
Mutated Forms - Number None / Smile - Advisory
Mutated Forms - Hangover - Big Tingz
Mutated Forms - Booze Monster / Stoneface Murderer - Grid
Mutated Forms - Trapped In A Dream / De Puta Madre - Radius
Mutated Forms - Detuned / Mindless - All Sorts Liquid
Mutated Forms - Changes feat. Coppa - Easi Up
Mutated Forms - Computers / Planet Krypton - Radius
Mutated Forms - Heaven's Chick VIP - Roadblock
Marvellous Cain - Dubplate Style Mutated Forms Remix - R-Q
Twisted Individual - Slam Dunk Mutated Forms Remix - Zombie
Mutated Forms - No Limits LP - Prosvet
Mutated Forms - Last Prediction / Sunrise feat. Creep - Exegene
Mutated Forms - My Feeling - World Of Drum'n'Bass
Mutated Forms - Green Aquarium - Deep Sound EP - New Identity
Mutated Forms - The Secret Item Code Remix - Roadblock
Mutated Forms - Ice Queen / Purple Unit Remix - Digitally Mutated
Mutated Forms - Behind The Scene / Should I - All Sorts Liquid
Mutated Forms - Jah Colors / Bed Monster - Low Down Deep
Sappo - Pay The Price Mutated Forms Remix - Advisory
Mutated Forms - Horror 4 Real / Bad Technology - Digitally Mutated
Mutated Forms - Sensi Muffin / Deep In The Ocean - Digitally Mutated
Mutated Forms - Sky High - Dirty Digital
Mutated Forms - Waiting 4 It - Grid MP3

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Mutated Forms - Coppers / Metal Ringer